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Why Me?

Everywhere we go in life we are in relationship. When I was 16 years old I wrote in my journal: “The only goal in my life that really matters is doing relationship well”. Over the course of my life that really has been my greatest challenge — and my greatest strength.

In my practice and in my life, I focus on building open, compassionate, generous, playful and effective relationships with friends, colleagues, family and intimates: those with whom we work, play, live and love. My personal and professional success came from others helping me develop my talents & potential and build relationships. I have had many loving, brilliant and generous mentors and supporters — this is what I want to give back through my coaching practice.   Read testimonials from clients. >>

My Story

My passion for personal development took root while in high school in a small town in Ontario. I was intrigued by the possibility of shaping my life the way I wanted, and began reading every self-help book I could get my hands on. I started talking with my girlfriends about everything I was learning, and soon became the go-to-gal for dating and break-up advice. My friends said I knew how to put their feelings into words and always knew exactly the right thing to say. I was learning to help the people around me to act from the best in them, not from their fear or anxiety.

Inspired by the energy and action of Toronto and the cool people I met from different countries, I wanted to see more of the world.

At 19, I escaped with $300 in my pocket and a one-way ticket to London. I spent a year traveling through Europe and Scandinavia. Through living in new cultures, I discovered that I came alive and had ease around connecting with people. The quality of the relationships I developed is what kept me overseas for a year.

At 23, I was ready for another adventure and moved to Vancouver, where I immediately landed a great job. While I had no formal experience, the owner of an all-girls private career and personal development school recognized my abilities with people. I started teaching personal development at Patricia Stevens Career College; this fed my passion and talent for developing the potential in others. I threw myself into helping teenaged girls become clear about their identities and the awakening of their dreams.

The impact of these teachings on their lives was astounding — young women I worked with developed confidence and self-acceptance. It was beautiful to watch them becoming conscious of their best abilities and deepest ambitions. Many of these young women stayed in touch, and I cherished being invited to their weddings. I was so encouraged by the work and the results that I made the leap, at 25, to buy the business. Regrettably, my innate skills of maximizing the talents and potential of others didn’t include knowing how to successfully buy or run a business. Cash flow problems showed up immediately. I struggled through two more years then had to close the doors and declare bankruptcy — ‘a character-building experience,’ as my father would say.

Over the next few years, I learned those coveted business skills. I hold them in high regard and they have served me well. While I now ‘get’ the numbers, my focus has remained all about the people.

I continued taking courses and reading about personal development & management, which led to a career in the corporate world. Later, I discovered yoga. Yoga is about helping people become the fullest expression of who they can be. Through Anusara Yoga — the yoga of YES — I learned to put my heart and mind fully into everything I do. Yoga taught me to embrace ease and grace and possibility… these were things I knew, things I counseled, but I had not fully embodied that knowing. I learned to celebrate life through this school of yoga, which emphasizes the positive and looks for the good in all things. I came ‘home’, aware and awake to the flow of grace that had always coursed through me.

For the next decade I pursued a management career at a large U.S. sales and marketing company, moving from District Manager to Regional Manager to Vice President. It was a high pressure, fast-paced and typically high-turnover sales organization. My success here was due to one thing: I put my whole focus on helping my staff reach their fullest potential, not just in the corporate area but in all the areas of their lives.

Everything I had learned about personal development and business came together and a close-knit team of happy, highly productive individuals was the result. And it certainly wasn’t a one-way street: I received a great deal through the fostering of deep connections. In the fall of 1990, during the small annual revenue-producing window, I approached my manager with the need to resign. I couldn’t carry on — my dear friend and roommate had recently died in an accident, and I needed time to grieve and come to terms with her loss. Without hesitation, my manager instead offered me a leave of absence for as long as needed, stating that she would fulfill my role. I was overwhelmed by her generosity and kindness. She trusted that I would heal and would want to come back. In that instant — feeling deeply vulnerable — I tapped into being able to fully receive. I simply said, “thank you” and felt open, warm and the profound intimacy of living fully in gratitude. Three months later I returned. Today, more than 20 years later, we are friends who truly count on each other for anything, anytime, no matter what.

I realize all that I have — possessions, abilities, character traits, ideas—comes from others or has been evoked by the presence of others.”

This quote is from one of my all-time favorite books “The Power Of Kindness” by Piero Ferrucci. His message epitomizes my personal experience. I owe my personal success to those along the way who believed in me & helped me develop my talents and sense of self. I feel it is my life purpose to give back with that same care and generosity.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. I bring a wealth of professional experience from my career in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.  I hold coaching & leadership certification from The Coaches Training Institute — the largest and oldest in-person coach training school in the world — combined with Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching™ (ORSC™) at the Center for Right Relationship. These professional qualifications are complemented by a deep practice of Anusara Yoga.  I have undergone radical personal transformations, discovering a freedom and an ease which I delightedly share.

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