“Through her skill as a life coach and her kindness, Alix has been a tremendous aid in helping me piece my life back together. Feeling flattened by loss and trauma it was Alix’s gentle caring ways that first allowed me to relax and trust her. Then, as our time together continued I began to appreciate the skill and professionalism she brought to each session. Although it is important to be skilled, in the end it was the feeling that she genuinely cared, and genuinely wanted to help me heal my life that provided the greatest benefit of all. For this I am eternally grateful.” — Female, 52, In-Transition

“Alix is supportive, gentle, and encouraging, yet challenges me in areas where I need to ‘step out of my comfort zone’. Authentic, present, and light-filled, her sense of humour matches mine at every turn, and this feels so special, knowing that she ‘gets me’. This thread of soul-filled connection keeps me on track, has me honouring my expansive and beautiful life and gives me the courage to dive deeper when I hit the ‘speed bumps’. She is a gifted coach and a golden thread in the tapestry of my life.” — Female, 63, Realtor & Life Coach

“Coaching with Alix I feel known, I feel free to be me — safe to express myself, my darkest and most vulnerable self, I trust her. Alix gives me questions, shares her experience and knowledge — this empowers me rather than giving me advice and answers which gives me no learning. I know she believes in me — a rare feeling. I have never lived so conciously, thank you Alix.” — Female, 36, Life Coach & Personal Trainer

“Alix has been able to enlighten my sense of self and to discover deeper levels of awareness regarding the most cherished aspects of living a genuine, compassionate and full life. Alix calls her ability to guide a ‘Life Coach’, the title seems a little shy and does not fully describe the experience Alix creates. She is insightful, probing and has an ability to maneuver me to a place of discovery in a very trusting, loving and non-judgmental way. Alix brings her life experience to the discussion with relevant anecdotes and solutions. The investment of time and study we put into this experience will continue to have lasting benefits. I now have a template for this way of learning and I will be able to draw from it as the future requires.” — Male, 50, Designer & Goldsmith

“Having Alix as a Life Coach is like having a personal guardian angel. She listens and supports while you talk about your goals and ideals and then adds a grain of wisdom and perspective that makes them concrete and attainable. Her encouragement and genuine interest are invaluable and her suggestions for growth or accomplishment are inspiring. I am sure anyone would benefit immensely by having her as their coach.” — Female, 52, Sales & Marketing Consultant

With Alix’s support, I was able to weather a very turbulent time. She helped me remain curious about how I viewed events in my life and identify positive outcomes that will strengthen my relationships with others and the way I view myself.” — Female, 52, Financial Executive

“You have the perfect temperament and a real know-how in terms of asking the right questions at the right time, Alix. The work we did together with your coaching has had a huge impact on how I carry out my day to day. I must admit I had some reservations about what it could actually do for me at first but I took an open-hearted approach to it and gave it a fair chance. The biggest benefit came from spending time focussing on what makes me tick, where my focuses are and what is important to me. I’ve been looking back on some of the material we covered, such as the wheel of life, and wow what a difference a few months can make. Even just taking the time to write out my values was eye opening. I’m now engaged, I run my own business, have a full grasp on what my financial situation is and am as happy as I could be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Alix for the gift of your time.” — Male, 36, Entrepreneur

“You have a gift for recognizing what is important about what I say, and the meaning behind my words. You are not afraid to be genuine with me and you help remind me to celebrate all emotions, whether they have tears in them or laughter. I am grateful for your ability to think on your feet, assess a situation and give me a challenge based on things that happen while we’re talking. Thank you for letting me talk, thank you for facilitating me in my endeavour to work on these things in my own way, and for commending me on my progress. You help me see the progress when I am doubtful of it and it gives me confidence to continue to do things my way. The notes I keep about our sessions help me to stay grounded when I am losing sight of what’s important. This is largely to do with the fact that I write down almost all of your musings and they help keep my focus. You have the ability to give me confidence in myself while still helping me to see that it is very much a joint effort and not just something you are doing for me, but rather something I am doing for myself.” — Female , 26 , Teacher

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